My first Zend FrameWork 2 app


Today I went through a full tutorial on building an app using Zend Framework 2. I got it running perfectly on my WAMP!

Unfortunately, I could not get Zend running properly on my VPS, but once I do I can redo the app for a bit more familiarity.

Working with a Framework is definitely different than coding without one!

Theme change

Tried a couple of new themes, but just didn’t like them. Why are there no themes that do specifically what I want to do? I kept the 2016 for now and just changed some colors. I like blue, but this may be a bit too blue. I may change it, or not…

Removed commenting ability

As a precaution, I removed the ability for anyone to add comments to posts. I may open up individual posts, but at this point, the blog is specifically for me anyway. Besides, having the default setting to NO comments is the safest format. Open the gates when you want to, but keep everything out until then.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Gotta love this little inaugural post. I will leave it here for preservation purposes. This is my blog for whatever. I will make posts for fun and having to do with my job, coding, and anything else I wish. Have fun reading! Or don’t, the web is a big enough place to find something that interests us all.